Maxence Muller


Maxence Muller || Cinematographer


Films :

Monaco Unexpected, by Nicolas Barth et Gregory Attia - Prod: Cut
Paki's Flowers, by Nas Lazreg, prod - Cine Qua Non
The Dark Kingdom, by Sarah Brau-Mouret - prod. Hermano
Polaroïdes, by Kentin Denoyelle, Maxence Muller, Hélène Robert and Guillaume Schmitter - prod: SMD
10 Minutes, by Thierry Sausse - prod. O Bout des Rêves
Frat Pack, by Mustapha Elatrassi - prod. Chica
Imago, by Cornelius Carune, prod - Orgone Productions
Doing it to Death, by Johanna Bondoux, prod - EDLC
Le Jour du Tissage, by Arthur Mercier, prod - O Bout des Rêves
Topologie de l'Espace, by Kentin Denoyelle, prod. SMD

• Editing: Maxime Mathis, Kentin Denoyelle
• Color Timing: Guillaume Schmitter
• Music: David Wingo - Midnight Special Theme

September 2017 Showreel

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