maxence muller - cinematographer

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The Dark Kingdom, by Sarah Brau-Mouret, prod. Hermano
Paki's Flowers, by Nas Lazreg, prod. Cine Qua Non
10 Minutes, by Thierry Sausse, prod. O Bout des Rêves
Chiaroscuro, by Lisa Testy, prod. Les Amants
The Splines, by Arthur Mercier, prod. AM
Imago, by Cornelius Carune, prod. Orgone Productions
Doing it to Death, by Johanna Bondoux, prod. EDLC
The Weaving, by Arthur Mercier, prod. O Bout des Rêves
Aspirée Par les Feuilles, by Thierry Sausse, prod. Teketi Boum
Through Blue Summer Nights, by Nicolas Barth, prod. Screen Addicts
Renaissance, by David Halphen, prod. Scorpio
Space Topology, by Kentin Denoyelle, prod. SMD

Editing: Maxime Mathis (, Kentin Denoyelle (
Color Timing: Guillaume Schmitter (

Music: David Wingo - Midnight Special Theme

July 2016 showreel / 06 25 76 07 70